Hempe high-performance ultra-fine grinder type FZK-HPC

Through our extensive experience in the production of cutting machines, combined with our practical knowledge of the industry, we have combined the known benefits of our cutting systems in these machines/plants and can therefore also achieve the best possible results for your range of applications.

With our innovations Hempe offers the exact solutions you need for high cost-efficiency and high-quality production. Because a machine is only efficient if it can be adapted easily to the range of products, and not vice versa.

In close dialogue with our customers and using our own ideas, Hempe implements highly economic, leading technological solutions. We offer machines suitable for the market in which they operate. Everything under one roof - all from a single source - all made in Germany. With Hempe, you have a partner at your side that supports you with technology, service and expertise.

The new operating concept

For Hempe ultra-fine grinder FZK-HPC, an innovative operating concept has been developed, that makes life easier and safer for the user. RPM, torque, power, tool wear, product temperature input/output, product-related speeds.

Environment: Much quieter and more effective
  • Reduced noise development
  • Single run precrushing and ultra-fine grinding to save energy
  • Advanced Engineering for exceptional demands
  • First-class design and selected materials for high reliability and availability

Our advantages – Your benefit
  • Powerful crushing thanks to high torque
  • Adapts perfectly to the material to be ground and processed thanks to variable speed adjustment
  • Optimum cutting performance due to the wide variety of combinations of cutter sets and individual adjustment options
  • Optimum ultra-fine grinding without hours of cutting
  • The sausage meat can also be further processed by our plants after passing through the grinder
  • Unprecedented quality is achieved by these combination options
  • High degree of fineness
  • Product temperature can be influenced
  • Also suitable for temperature-sensitive products
  • Short throughput times, mainly in one run
  • Minimum production costs
Areas of application and procedure
  • Meat market products: minced meat, liver loaf, boiled sausage, fresh pork sausage and the finest liver sausage
  • Stable emulsions: Vegetable spreads, tofu products, cold-sauce production, marinades
  • Frozen fruit, fruits, vegetables from mm pieces to 50 µm
  • Breadcrumbs, biscuits and chocolate rework
  • Nuts, almonds, sesame seeds, spices and other
  • Vegan dairy products: Soya, oats, rice-milk production and other
  • Confectionery: marzipan production, chocolate rework
  • Animal feed production, grinding, emulsifying
  • Laboratory / cosmetics / pharmacy
  • Baby food
  • Production of juices and full-fruit drinks from nectar

Areas of application and procedure

First-class crushing results are the trademark of the machines and tools from Hempe. There is always the right solution.

Our plants succeed in the most difficult crushing tasks where other macerators fail. The newly developed cutting systems allow especially effective precrushing and ultra-fine grinding, predominantly in a single run.

Safety is the top priority

The current standards and safety requirements are observed by all Hempe machines and plants.

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