Screw conveyor (for FZK-HPC-S1-FLEX/EASY)

The new screw conveyor for FZK-HPC by Hempe as an addition to the ultra-fine grinders in the rework section. Feeding can be done manually, by a lift-and-tilt unit or even using a fork lift with star handle. The residual product remaining in the screw conveyor is minimal. The screw conveyor can be easily and quickly disassembled and can be cleaned separately.

Brochure: FZK-Schneckenförderer
  • Rework of chocolates, even of whole bars. Capacity approx. 800–1200 kg/hour
  • Biscuits with chocolate or even cream fillings/jams approx. 800 kg/hour
  • Filled chocolates approx. 800 kg/hour
  • Fruits 1000–2000 kg/hour, depending on degree of fineness
  • Vegetables 1000–2000 kg/hour, depending on fineness
  • Processing of breadcrumbs approx. 800 kg/hour.

Data table
Technical data Screw conveyor
Output power dependant on machine type
Power 0,22 - 2,2 KW
Torque [Nm] 690 Nm
Rotational speed rpm 3 - 30 U/min.
Spray-water protection IP 54
Hourly output (product and process-dependent) 500 - 5000 l/h
Dimensions in mm B 1005 x H 1460 x L 2505
Feeding height 1380 mm
Volume ca. 600 l
Price on request
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